About Remembering 9/11
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Jul 18
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About Remembering 9/11

06 Mar 2013

The “Remembering 9/11” project is the brainchild of Dr. Benjamin Luft, director of the Long Island Clinical Center of Excellence.  

“Remembering 9/11” is a natural outgrowth of years of caring for WTC responders.  Patients at our clinic often share their personal accounts of 9/11 with us, and these stories inspired the development of this project.  “Remembering 9/11” documents information that the medical charts leave out, the humanity beyond the statistics.

With your help, we hope to tell the story of 9/11 through the collective voice of the responders. Our goal is to understand how the civic response and personal lives intertwine when responding to disasters such as 9/11 --- And what is the cost of this response on individuals and on communities.    

Over 60,000 workers and volunteers from across the country descended upon the NYC after the WTC disaster.  These men and women are law enforcement officers, construction workers, electricians, emergency medical personnel, firefighters, iron workers, plumbers, dog handlers, doctors, and Red Cross volunteers, ministers, church members, counselors, and many others.  

Each story reveals the incredible impact of 9/11/2001 on the responders, their families, and their communities.  Through their words, we learn about the strength of human character and the power of community to withstand tragedy.  

We hope this project will illuminate those stories that speak to the human virtues of altruism, selflessness, and bravery.  It is those stories that should not be forgotten and should inspire future generations.

The Library of Congress will curate these amazing stories for us and they will be accessible to the world through their online archives.  Already, these stories have been shared with thousands and used to teach in high schools and public libraries.  
Anyone who participated in WTC disaster work is eligible to participate.  In addition, we welcome family members of the responders to contribute their stories.

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  • Jul 18
    Our Mineola clinic is currently without power. Please contact 631-855-1200 for assistance.
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