Eligibility & Enrollment
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Eligibility & Enrollment

Eligibility for the WTC Health Program is determined by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and takes into consideration the arrival at the disaster site and the length of the time spent working or volunteering.  

Below offers an example of who may qualify for benefits through the WTC Health Program:

•    First responders*

(for example, police officers, EMS, volunteer fire fighters)

•    Recovery, Restoration & Clean-up workers

(for example, laborers, electricians,  telecommunications, truck drivers, machine operators)


•    Other workers

(for example, journalists, video crews, medical workers)


•    Volunteers

(for example, clergy, medical professionals, counselors, other disaster workers)

*NYC Fire Fighters should contact FDNY to learn about their WTC Health Program benefits.
The WTC Health Program has a separate Program for area workers and survivors of the 9/11 attacks, please see the main WTC Health Program website for more information.



Call 1-888-982-4748


Visit www.cdc.gov/wtc


Fill out a contact form, and an outreach coordinator from the Long Island CCE will contact you.

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