About the Long Island Clinical Center of Excellence
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About the WTC Health Program

06 Mar 2013

At the heart of the WTC Health Program are the 9/11 responders, workers and volunteers we care for each day.  Our mission is to provide our members the highest quality medical services in a safe, confidential and professional environment-- at no cost!
With over 10 years of experience, our expert care is not “care-as-usual”.  It is, therefore, of no surprise that many responders consider our clinics a home away from home.
The Long Island Clinical Center of Excellence is just one of five clinical centers that provide free healthcare services to 9/11 responders, workers and volunteers in the NYC- metro area.  
Dr. Benjamin Luft, Medical Director, and Melodie Guerrera, Administrative Director, established this Center in 2002 to care for the variety of health care needs of the 9/11 responders.  We now serve over 7,000 members.
The basis for our Program is an integrative approach to 9/11 Medicine, combining the expertise of occupational medicine, pulmonology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, pain management, oncology, and social work.  As part of Stony Brook Medicine and the Long Island Community, we provide our patients with access to a vast network of experts in these fields.  Our patient-centered approach allows each member to receive individualized treatment for their 9/11 related conditions.  
We are much more than a clinic- We are a community.  
We offer our members opportunities to engage in activities that increase their wellness.  For example, our QUITSmoking Program, uses innovative techniques and a step-by-step approach that increases the success rate in the long-term.  The Long Island Center offers a vibrant research environment with many exciting multidisciplinary projects that expand our knowledge of 9/11 health effects. Whether it through our annual WTC Responder Family Picnic, or the Remembering 9/11 oral history project, or our Community Education Program, our members have many opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

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